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of state john kerry and the russian foreign minister meet in france, but russia is still not planning to pull out of the crimea. however, washington prepares a series of tough sanctions on moscow, the europeans have suddenly stiffened their spines. vladimir putin may be pushed into a corner that he doesn't like. we are going to have the latest on all of that. >>> plus another day, another major obamacare delay, just unilaterally declared by team obama. now the administration will allow insurance companies to sell those canceled, quote, substandard insurance plans for another two years. that makes three. those stories and much more coming up on "the kudlow report", beginning right now. >>> secretary of state john kerry meets with russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov, but so far lavrov is unling to meet with the new ukrainian foreign minister. john harwood has more. >> good evening, larry. the u.s. positioned some planes, a u.n. envoy was harassed in crimea. there was a pledge for an aid package to go with $1 billion from the united states that's under discussion. john kerry met with
's sending jsohn kerry to kie. they publicly have no plan to deal with putin. >> editorially, from my point of view, right now, vladimir putin is the enemy, not president obama even though some american politicians are showboating in front of conservative conferences. let me get the latest from the middle of this crisis. bill neely is live for us in the crimea this evening. good evening, bill. >> reporter: good evening to you. >> what can you tell us? what can you tell us -- there's allegedly a deadline for a russian military takeover of crimea. what's happening out there? >> reporter: yeah, the deadline is supposed to be in three hours' time, 10:00 eastern. but there was a spokesman for the russian black sea fleet who later denied that any ultimatum had been issued to ukrainian forces. remember, that ultimatum said, either surrender or we storm your bases. the spokesman for the black sea fleet said that that ultimatum was nonsense. but you can never be quite sure. i was at two ukrainian army bases today. at one, it was surrounded by about 150 russian troops. they have the ukrainian conting
by john kerry, the secretary of state visiting kiev today. he had come to lend support to the interim government here and also with an aide package, offering $1 billion of loan guarantees as well as american expertise with the central bank, with organizing the elections. he visited the barricades on the edge of the square here which have become a shrine to those who died, many of them shot by snipers. although this american aid seems to be a lot, $1 billion, there is going to need to be a big contribution from imf and also european partners if it is to be stabilized ahead of those elections, larry. >> thanks, ian williams in kiev. we appreciate it. okay, it was a great day on wall street, but we may not have seen the last of vladimir putin. for me it's kind of putin versus profits. it's a tough choice. let's get right to it with my all star panel, stephanie link of the street and chief investment officer of jim cramer's charitable trust and we welcome to the show president of babson capital and bob pisani is going to hang out with us which is a lovely thing. electric talk about distri
kerry they would not invade ukraine and said this troop movement was allowed in a treaty they previously had with ukraine but president obama came to the white house briefing room to urge putin to stop. >> any violation of ukraine's sovereigncy and territorial integrity would be deeply destabilizing which is not in tint of ukraine, russia or europe. it would represent a profound interference in matters that must be determined by the ukrainian people. >>> most here agree there's little the u.s. can do or some say even should do since we need putin's cooperation on issues more critical to the u.s. than ukraine like iran and syria and north korea and guessing by some here putin will not send masses of troops into the central part of ukraine. world will be watching, larry, to see if russian troops in the crimea act like invaders or peacekeepers. back to you. >> putin has double crossed us in most of those place us mentioned particularly syria and iran to a lesser extent but still north korea. i want to know, you mentioned this, first time i heard about it. russia is saying they have some kin
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4